Air Freight

Low-Cost Containers have many years experience in the supply and transportation of shipping containers, and along with the traditional methods of shipping via sea, we also offer air freight services. We strive to accommodate our clients with the best possible solutions to their needs and to fit the clients budget and timescale. This is why Low-Cost Containers offer such a variety of transportation solutions.

The Low-Cost Containers containerised air freight service offers an industry leading logistics package through our experienced team of logistics experts. You will discover on enquiry that we offer a broad range of air freight services with competitive pricing and door to door services. With urgent cargo, air is often the only means of transportation to make a critical deadline. Low-Cost Containers can achieve this.

This is all achieved by utilising the best people within the best areas of shipping container transportation and having a knowledge database and excellent relationships within the air freight industry. The air freight division can accommodate any kind of containerised cargo, and our logistics team will be able to offer a full service from the delivery of a Low-Cost Containers container to your location, right through to any customs clearance that is applicable. We have relationships with all of the necessary air freight schedules to accommodate the most urgent of cargos, and we supply the most secure means of transport via our shipping containers.

Low-Cost Containers have been a leader in the shipping container industry throughout the UK for many years, and our expansion into air freight services is just another benefit that our clients have come to expect from a professional and experienced company.


Customers & Partnerships

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