Container Conversions

At Low-Cost Containers our team of expert engineers can convert shipping containers for virtually any requirement. Working in conjunction with your design requirements Low-Cost Containers can create container buildings that are economical, built to the highest standards and will also have the advantage of potentially reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

All processes are carried out in-house by Low-Cost Containers. We have an extensive array of shipping containers and in-house team of engineers ready to convert them. Low-Cost Containers take pride on meeting deadlines and budgets with every particular conversion contract.

There are so many advantages to recycling, refurbishing and converting shipping containers to meet your requirements rather than the conventional bricks and mortar approach. Your company will reduce their carbon footprint by acquiring a Low-Cost Containers converted modular building, rather than having a building built from the ground up, at your site.

A Low-Cost Containers conversion are the cost-effective way of adding extra workspace to an existing build or adding a new building altogether. Your company will have no disruption to its working environment as all modifications are carried out at one of our depots. The modular buildings that are offered by Low-Cost Containers also can be adapted to include all electrical and plumbing facilities, along with the bonus of being mobile. The mobility of a Low-Cost Containers conversion can be a great asset to a company with multiple sites, as the converted container can be transported to another location with the minimum of fuss.

All modular buildings supplied by Low-Cost Containers are modified to your particular design, including the external painting which can act as a great advertising tool when painted in line with your companies branding.



Customers & Partnerships

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