Shipping Containers

Low-Cost Containers are the premier supplier of shipping containers within the UK, able to supply on demand across the UK for any purpose a variety of different sized shipping containers. As the number one choice of container supplier to the Ministry of Defence, Low-Cost Containers always have a healthy supply of shipping containers available for purchase or hire from our depots. Low-Cost Containers offer the widest range of shipping container sizes to our clients, with prompt delivery and a friendly professional service.

Our shipping containers range from 6ft to 45ft and are always readily available at short notice. All shipping containers supplied by Low-Cost Containers are constructed from weatherproofed steel and are also vandal, and rodent proofed giving maximum protection to any goods transported or used as storage.

With such an array of different sized shipping containers always available with immediate effect, we have listed some of the more common uses for the appropriately sized units. Our team of in-house experienced technical engineers also do container conversions on a daily basis, and amongst the list below you will see some of the usage purposes that this area has to offer.

All of the Low-Cost Containers standard shipping containers can also be securely stacked, so even if you are thinking of hiring these units, you may not need the ground space for two or more as you can have them as multi-storey.


Customers & Partnerships

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