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These are a few of the questions that we are asked most frequently by our customers, if you cannot find the information you need, please feel free to call us on

There are many container companies on the internet, why should I choose Low-Cost Containers?

Low-Cost Containers provides a friendly, reliable service along with excellent value. Our on-site team have over 75 years experience within the container industry and are always on hand to offer you help and advice. We also provide a broad range of containers for all of your needs.

How secure are shipping containers?

The units supplied by Low-Cost Containers are built to a very high specification. The steel structure makes the storage containers waterproof, vermin proof and vandal proof. The most vulnerable part of a steel storage container is the doors, and for added security Low-Cost Containers recommend a steel lockbox to be fitted to the container doors.

How durable are the storage containers?

A new container purchased from Low-Cost Containers with maintenance once every 10 years should last upwards of 50 years. This time scale would obviously vary on used storage containers, but any unit purchased from us would have many years of storage life, due to the top quality build of each unit.

Are shipping containers expensive to buy?

For the obvious reasons, used containers are cheaper to buy than new units. At Low-Cost Containers, we can give you the most competitive prices for both new and used containers.

Can Low-Cost Containers do conversions from shipping containers?

We have very experienced engineers who carry out conversions of shipping containers. They can convert a unit for extra office space, on-site washrooms and lavatories. Conversions to onsite kitchens and cooking facilities, even living space.

What size container would you recommend for my needs?

Low-Cost Containers has a wide range of different sized containers from 6ft to 40ft. Below are sizes and a guide as to how much can be stored in a unit if storage is the purpose of the shipping container.

• 8ft (2.3m) 9.95m³ Contents of a one bedroom property
• 10ft (3.0m) 15.9m³ Contents of a 1-2 bedroom property
• 20ft (6.1m) 33.2m³ Contents of a 3-4 bedroom property
• 40ft (12.2m) 67.6m³ Contents of a 5+ bedroom property

How is the shipping container transported to my site?

Low-Cost Containers will deliver the container of your choice direct to the site of your choice. We can transport our containers to virtually anywhere in the UK and assist with all other logistical requirements.

Do I need to take up any particular site preparation for the delivery of my shipping container?

The only requirement is that the area where the shipping container is to be positioned is level and firm, as the main problem with uneven surfaces is the opening and closing of the units doors. Sleepers or paving slabs can help to level up the container, and although it is the responsibility of the purchaser to make sure these requirements are met, our drivers will assist with positioning the container where ever possible.

How do I maintain my shipping container?

Steel shipping containers are very robust and require little or no maintenance. They are manufactured to a full marine specification and designed for harsh marine life at sea, withstanding all kinds of weather conditions. When used in a domestic environment they provide years of maintenance free life. To ensure the doors are kept in good working order Low-Cost Containers recommend that the hinges and locking rods are greased at regular intervals.

Are there any issues with condensation?

All containers are ventilated which is usually sufficient to counteract any moisture present within the container. Low-Cost Containers can also supply moisture traps to alleviate any problems that may arise from moisture within the unit.

Do I need planning permission for my container?

Shipping containers are classed as a temporary structure, so unless you are in a conservation area, then you should not need any planning permission. If you have any doubts, you should contact your local authority who will be able to guide you.

What happens when I have no more use for my shipping container?

If you have leased your shipping container from Low-Cost Containers, then we simply come to your site to collect. At Low-Cost Containers, we also have a buyback option, so if you have purchased a container from us and its usage with you has expired there is the option for us to buy it back.

Is it possible for me to bulk buy containers?

It is at Low-Cost Containers. We are a major supplier for the MOD, so we have to keep a large stock of shipping containers on site, which enables us to supply bulk demand virtually anywhere in the UK and Europe.

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