Road Haulage

Transporting goods the traditional way, via the road network is also the most convenient choice for delivery across the UK and Europe. A client's goods can be collected from a location of their choosing and likewise delivered as such, with minimal intermediate handling, making this the smoothest of operations amongst all methods of cargo transport.

At Low-Cost Containers, we can offer a comprehensive road freight service covering the whole of the UK and Europe, after that you will receive a highly experienced and professional service that is economically competitive and an industry leader in efficiency. The Low-Cost Containers fleet of container loaded trucks deliver tonnes and tonnes of cargo each year, and due to the excellent service we provide and the relationships we have with repeat customers, this is growing year on year.

Low-Cost Containers can offer the client groupage or full load services, so it is not imperative that you have a shipping container amount of cargo. Groupage is also an excellent way to reduce the costs to clients as sharing a load will not delay your goods, but will inevitably reduce the budget you have for your deliveries. The Low-Cost Containers driving fleet have an excellent knowledge of all the key routes across the UK, Ireland and Europe, which enables us to minimise any delays. We offer our clients a door-to-door collection and delivery service, again alleviating the traditional delays of cargo handled within its journey by different companies, and it also doesn’t matter what size or shapes your cargo may be. Low-Cost Containers operate with a range of vehicles to enable us to move any size of shipping container including 20ft, 40ft dry containers along with high cubes and flat racks. We also have our dedicated specialist trucks for moving refrigerated containers, so for those clients needing goods to stay fresh or frozen while transported, we have this covered too.

From the point of enquiry, you will know you are in safe hands with our team guiding you on the solutions for your needs. Our logistics team will deal with all necessary arrangements, including any customs clearance for goods being transported abroad, while our driver's in-depth knowledge of the road network across Europe will leave you to rest assured that your goods will reach their destination in the most professional and efficient manner.


Customers & Partnerships

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