Low-Cost Containers have been a contributor to Thames Water being able to carry out their services to the highest efficiency. Our expertise in container conversion has enabled them to utilise their staffing needs best, costings and time management.

Our teams of engineers and technicians had all manner of large conversions to undertake. The first requirements from Thames Water were for rented containers that were insulated. Our engineers fully insulated the required amount of containers, which were also made fully free of condensation. The next task for our engineers, and where the Low-Cost Containers expertise comes to the fore was the requirement of welfare units for Thames Water to have at specific sites. These units were to enable the Thames Water workforce to live onsite, giving the company around the clock access to their tasks.

Transformed by our team, with full electrics and plumbing. They equipped sinks, toilets and all other amenities as required. The shipping containers converted and supplied to Thames Water for this purpose were fully furnished with beds, chairs and tables all from stock held by our depots.

Thames Water is the largest water and wastewater services company in the UK. They are responsible for a range of management infrastructure projects including the Thames Water Ring Main around London. Also operating Europe’s largest wastewater treatment works and the UK’s first large-scale desalination plant.

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