The UK Police Force is a regular client of Low-Cost Containers. We supply containers throughout the UK on a long-term basis for police storage purposes.


The Low-Cost Containers shipping units are the perfect secure storage facility, with security being of the utmost importance for them. All of the containers are modified to the specific needs of the force by our in-house engineers and finished with branding to the police colours. The containers we supply to the police force are the 40ft general storage containers; these are large enough to house any items such as motor vehicles etc.

Low-Cost Containers supply 40ft storage containers to police forces throughout the UK; this includes the Metropolitan Police in London. London boroughs provided with our containers include Barnet, Bromley, Camden, Havering, Newham and Richmond. Along with these and other areas of the UK, the service we provide is a very straightforward service to offer our expertise in the field. Our in-house engineers do any conversions necessary, and our depot locations enable our transporters to be able to deliver and set up the containers in the minimal timescale required.

Low-Cost Containers have a long-standing relationship with the UK Police Force, which has now expanded to the HM Prison Services. With the professional service that we provide to the police force, it has come to the attention of the prison service, whom we now have a long-term service contract with too. We provide shipping containers to 21 different prisons across the country for their storage solutions.

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